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Kids Doctor Checkup

  Policies & Procedures 


All rides must be prepaid 24 hours in advance.

An invoice is emailed from Bright Ideas to access a secure link to Payment.

Drivers do not carry cash

All canceled invoice are charged a $3.00 processing fee

To terminate services, a two-week written notice is required and no refunds with less than two weeks notice.



The registration fee and first month's or weekly payment are due at the time of registration.  We schedule rides week to week and will accept reservations over the weekend.


First incident shall result in a discussion/warning with parent

Second incident shall result in a one day riding suspension

Third incident shall result in a two days riding suspension

After return of suspension, further violation shall result in further suspension or termination

No fees shall be refunded due to suspensions or termination of the contract 



Riders must have their seatbelts on at all times. Note:  Parents are liable for any traffic tickets for seatbelt violations.

Parents are financially responsible if their child defaces or vandalizes any part of the vehicle or the property of other passengers.

Vulgar or profane language is not allowed in the vehicle.

All passengers will obey the driver during pick up, transport, and delivery. The driver may assign seats, if necessary.

Misbehavior that will cause injury (bodily or psychological) to another person or self will not be tolerated.

Children must remain seated with seat belt on at all time while vehicle is moving

Child must be ready at pre-arranged time or additional charges apply.

No throwing objects inside or outside the vehicle

No hanging out of the windows. Hands, arms, and heads must stay inside the van at all times. 



We will make every attempt to return lost items to the owner, but Bright Ideas is not liable for any missing or damaged items left on our vehicles.



During inclement weather, we proceed with extreme caution. If it occurs after student arrives at their scheduled pick-up location, we'll attempt to pick your student up and take them to the prearranged destination.  If conditions worsen, the scheduled time may need to be changed for earlier pick up.  Parents must contact us, school, and prearrange destination to coordinate earlier pick up times.

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